Georgia Women Dies While Hiding Baby in Toilet
Post by RIP Jessica Arrendale.
In a horribly tragic story, there is light. As Jessica Arrendale was being shot to death by her boyfriend, this mom shielded her baby with her own body. But how she did it is the amazing part.
Ray Rice Suspended
Following the public release of a video showing running back Ray Rice striking his then-fiancee, the Ravens have released him and the NFL has suspended him indefinitely.
Like Punching Kittens?
Having the uncontrollable urge to smoosh your neighbor’s adorable puppy or punch a random kitten in the face is "completely normal," according to a new study. So basically, researchers have found that the human race is full of psychopaths with a naturally aggressive…
Video Game Violence A Concern For 89 Percent of Parents
This week's spotlight on violent video games does not start and stop with the actions and words of Vice President Joe Biden. A nationwide survey commissioned by Common Sense Media and the Center for American Progress found that an estimated 89% of parents believe violence in video games is a pr…