Today (June 27) is National Sunglasses Day. This is how we're celebrating National Sunglasses Day here in Grand Junction.

Sunglasses are way more than a fashion statement, they're also for protection. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and also make you look cute. National Sunglasses Day is all about protecting your eyes and showing off your shades with sunglasses selfies.

We celebrated in Grand Junction by giving away sunglasses. We pulled up to Lincoln Park next to the Lunch Lizard and starting handing them out left and right.

I'm glad that we could put smiles on kids and parents faces' and I'm also glad to help out their eyes.

Everyone at Lincoln Park was so excited to get a pair of sunglasses and celebrate with us. We got a video of it all and even some sunglasses selfies too. Make sure you comment with your sunglasses selfie, here's our selfie we took at Lincoln Park.

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