Fruita and other neighboring towns have canceled their fireworks displays

The Grand Junction 4th of July fireworks are scheduled to go off as planned. The City of Grand Junction says everything is a go for Wednesday evening. Even though other cities have changed their plans the party in Lincoln Park is on. The fireworks show gets underway at about 9:45 pm, following the Grand Junction Rockies baseball game. The city is confident everything will go off with issue despite the Stage 1 Fire Restrictions. A reminder, private use of fireworks is still prohibited.

There are several reasons why the city decided to go ahead with the show. Most importantly, the fireworks display will be executed by trained pyro professionals. The company lighting the fuse is licensed and insured. Secondly, the park is a grass filled area too. That reduces the chance of anything catching fire. And the one thing the city has at their disposal that most of us don't is the city Fire Department. They will be close at hand to keep an eye on things.

So grab a ticket to the baseball game or just throw down a blanket in Lincoln Park and take in the show. If you're thinking about a spot in the park you'll want to get out early to lay claim to your plot of grass. Happy 4th of July everyone and stay safe!

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