Colorado Department of Transportation says it needs your car’s data.

I don't know about you but anytime a government agency says they need information about me or anything I own, it makes me a little nervous. In the name of "safety," we're continually being asked to give up more rights and personal information.

The Colorado General Assembly is currently debating House Bill 1188. A portion of this bill, should it become law, will give CDOT permission to pull data directly from an electronic device in your car.

Those supporting the bill claim the technology will make roads safer by monitoring highway traffic. Those opposed claim it's just another way for state government to monitor your movement and highway usage. The posted information on the Colorado General Assembly website says..."Current law generally requires a state or local agency to get a search warrant before obtaining location information from an electronic device. The bill authorizes the Colorado Department of transportation to use highway infrastructure technology to communicate with motor vehicles to facilitate transportation or manage traffic. The Colorado Department of Transportation (department) is prohibited from collecting personally identifying data except where necessary to administer HOV and toll lanes."

With approval CDOT plans to build a series of roadside radios that could communicate with your vehicle and others, giving the agency instant info on road conditions, traffic flow, and crashes. CDOT claims this new technology could cut down on crashes by 80%. Do you believe this claim and are you ok with CDOT tracking your travel?

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