The Presidents Day weekend could mean executive branch headaches along the I-70 mountain corridor if last year's numbers hold up.

Starting today (Friday, February 14, 2020) many Coloradans will be heading up to the high country; then back down again come Sunday night and Monday.

In a press release, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) states that in 2019, over this same 3-day weekend, over 174,000 vehicles traveled through the Eisenhower and Johnson tunnels.

CDOT has also issued a Travel Advisory, cautioning that though the weather should be fairly nice on Friday and Saturday, travelers should be prepared for winter weather (with moderate to heavy snow) on Sunday night and Monday.

From CDOT:

If you are headed up the I-70 Mountain Corridor:

  • Be winter ready with the appropriate tires for the weather and survival kit (extra food, water and clothes; blankets, flashlights, and other gear)
  • Give yourself extra time to reach your destination
  • Leave a safe driving distance behind the vehicle head
  • Be extra vigilant (drive sober, no texting, no distractions)
  • Be watchful of the weather particularly on Sunday morning through Monday
  • Know before you go and check out org for the latest road conditions

Good luck up there.

Get more on conditions, the express toll and more from CDOT HERE.

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