Colorado's first 4/20 Festival since the COVID-19 pandemic is happening on Wednesday, April 20th, and the Colorado Department of Transportation has released information on safety with regards to driving while under the influence of marijuana as well as how to get a free ride from the festival.

The 2022 Mile High 420 Festival in Colorado

The 2022 Mile High 420 Festival will be returning to Colorado on Wednesday, April 20th, after a two-year break due to the restrictions on large gatherings because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The festival will take place in the same place as past years which is in front of the Colorado State Capitol in Civic Center Park located at 101 14th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80204.

Information From CDOT Regarding the Mile High 420 Festival

The Colorado Department of Transportation has issued a release with safety information related to the Mile High 420 Festival including the dangers of driving while impaired on THC as well as tips on how to avoid getting a DUI leaving the festival.

These tips include things like using a form of transportation such as public transportation, rideshare services, and understanding the risks of consuming THC and alcohol together.

How to Score a Free Ride Home from the Festival From CDOT

If you plan on attending the Mile High 420 Festival and consuming THC, you'll want to stop by the CDOT booth for your chance to score a free Lyft ride home. CDOT will be holding trivia contests with questions based on marijuana consumption and related topics and the winners of the quizzes will win a free Lyft ride home.

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