In Grand Junction, we are fortunate to have pretty much everything we need as far as businesses go. We have plenty of restaurants, chain and locally owned and operated, plenty of retail stores including everything in Mesa Mall, and entertainment options such as music venues, movie theaters, and parks.

However, there are always businesses and services that are on everyone's wishlist. I posted a question on Facebook asking what non-restaurant business you want to see come to Grand Junction and got all kinds of great responses.

Retail Stores You Want to Come to Grand Junction

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Many of the non-restaurant businesses you want to see come to Grand Junction are retail stores. By far, the biggest store Grand Junction wants is the big-box discount giant Costco.

Some of the other responses included retail establishments such as Macy's, Whole Foods, Banana Republic, and the $5 discount store 5 Below.

Entertainment Establishments You Want to Come to Grand Junction

In addition to retail businesses, a lot of people commented that they would like to see more entertainment options in Grand Junction.

Some of these businesses on Grand Junction's wish lists include Six Flags amusement park, a racehorse track, a water park, and a Top Golf facility.

Services You Want to See Come to Grand Junction

There are also a few service providers that are on Grand Junction's wishlist. Some of these businesses mentioned include Southwest Airlines, an Amazon warehouse, and an additional cable company than what we already have in Grand Junction.

Here are the non-businesses that Grand Junction wants to see open up the most:

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