Following debates, rumblings, and rumors, it has now been confirmed that Grand Junction, Colorado will be getting a Costco store in the future.

Where Will Grand Junction’s New Costco Store Be?

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Unlike several other big stores that have come to Grand Junction, the Costco store will be built from the ground up on a big chunk of relatively vacant land near Canyon View Park just off I-70 and 24 Road. While the neighborhood does have some businesses operating in the area currently, this particular spot is largely residential and agricultural, which is commonplace in the Applewood neighborhood as a whole.

When Did Grand Junction Approve the New Costco Store?

Back on August 16, 2023, the Grand Junction City Council voted unanimously to approve the location as well as the means to pay for it, which will be provided by the City of Grand Junction as well as Mesa County and will be paid back by Costco via sales tax.

The Grand Junction City Council met again on October 4th, 2023, and again voted unanimously to approve the agreement, officially setting the plan in place.

What Benefits Will Grand Junction’s New Costco Have?

The decision to bring Costco to Grand Junction will not just give residents a new, local big-box shopping option, (currently, the closest Costco is between Gypsum and Eagle,) but it will also bring jobs to the city, as well as funding for the widely discussed recreational center and public safety through the aforementioned sales tax that will come from the store.

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