A new bill in Colorado will allow motorcyclists to run red lights after waiting two minutes. Motorcyclists are often stuck at red lights due to sensors.

It's very annoying to be stuck at a red light that just won't turn green. Unfortunately, this happens frequently for motorcyclists.

This is because their bike doesn't weight enough for the sensors to pick them up. Only vehicles with a certain metal mass can be picked up by the inductive loop sensors, according to 9News.

This bill states that motorcyclists will have to wait two minutes before running a red light. I think it's smart to include a waiting period to ensure the biker's and everyone else's safety.

This will also save bikers from getting in trouble if they have to run the light, or from having to wait for a car to come around for the light to turn green.

According to 9News, 12 other states have passed similar laws. The most recent was Pennsylvania, who doesn't require a time limit before motorcyclists can run red lights.

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