Bike accidents are occurring more frequently in Grand Junction and throughout the Grand Valley.

I've been talking about getting a bike since I moved here. It seems like a solid way to get around Grand Junction. With 300 days of sunshine, a short commute, and saving wear and tear on my truck I should be riding a bike every day.

However, biking is getting more dangerous. Already in 2017, there have been 55 bike accidents in the Grand Valley. That's up considerably from the 42 in 2016.

What needs to done to reverse the trend?

First, those driving vehicles need to keep a watchful eye out for cyclist at all times. Drivers need to give bicycles a minimum of three feet between you and the rider.

According to Grand Junction Police, cyclists need to be more mindful of the rules of the road. All riders should be signaling turns with the proper hand signals, all bikes need a working headlight and riders should follow all traffic signs and signals. Not to mention to always wear a helmet.         

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