This time of the year one has to beware of phone scams looking to separate you from your money. They come in many forms but the goal is to get money or personal information so they can rob you.

The other day I got one of these calls and played along to see what the hook was and it was a nasty hook. It was just after 10 am when I got the call and it went like this.

I answered the phone and the guy on the other end said hello and asked if he was talking to Thomas. I said he was and he proceeded to tell me I have been chosen to receive $7,000 from a government grant.

I said why and he told me because I pay my taxes on time and was in good standing with my credit. So I asked how do I get the money?

He proceeded to tell me I could only use the money to pay bills, taxes or buy food. I couldn't use the money to gamble, buy beer or drugs. All I had to do was call this number and give them a code to get the money.

So I called the number and gave the guy who answered the code I was given. He put me on hold for a moment and when he came back he said sure enough I was chosen to get $7,000.

I said great shoot me a check. He said they couldn't do that, they could only send the money via Western Union. This is where the hook comes in.

To get the money I would have to transfer $250 or give him my bank card information for some sort of security deposit to get the money sent to me. Wow that's it? That sounds too good to be true and it is.

I know most people would just hang up at that point but some people don't. Some people actually send the money or give up their personal information.

Whatever you do never and I mean never give any of your personal information to anyone. These types of scams have been happening on for years and the only reason they are still going on is because people fall for them.

Just remember if you haven't applied for or entered some sort of contest you are not a winner and you haven't been chosen. These people only want to steal from you that's it.

Be careful with your information and don't forget to check on your elderly family members to make sure they are falling for one of these scams.