In the face of low student test scores and plummeting motivation, teachers have to get creative. One genius educator in China decided to tap into basal male instinct: she invoked the sacred power of the french maid costume. 

Ah, the french maid costume: so stereotypical, so done to death, and still so sexy. Way back when we had just learned the word sexy, and way before we had actually had sex, this was what sexy looked like. Well, not this particular image, because this particular version of the costume looks a bit more like an Amish cat, but it's the thought that counts, right? Also, she was teaching kids, so some level of discretion is just good business. Now, a college level course...


Regardless, the offered incentive worked, and the students' grades improved so dramatically that this teacher had no choice but to fulfill her end of the bargain. Pictures of the costumed prof circulated quickly, and Mrs. Holland's Opus is now immortalized on the internet for all time. Let's hope she has tenure.

Aside from learning their curriculum, these lucky students learned a life lesson, too: sometimes a fantasy is better left in our imaginations. Regardless of her PG-rated costume, we salute the newly-famed teach for going above and beyond the call of duty. It's clear that she understands the inner-workings of the mind of an adolescent boy.