If you have a koozie and a thirst for a good time, Grand Junction serves some of the best summer beers in the Grand Valley. Perfectly paired with a hot weather, these five brews provide thirst-quenching satisfaction when reaching a summertime buzz.

  • Island Mesa Blonde

    Kannah Creek

    According to Danielle Wolff, an Assistant Brewer at Kannah Creek, Island Mesa Blonde is a light summer ale with fruity flavors and light hop aromas. This craft brew contains 5.2% ABV and light carbonation making it easy to drink without feeling full too quickly.

    Callie Varra
  • Hammock Time

    Copper Club Brewing Co.

    Michele Collins, owner of Copper Club Brewing Co. in Fruita, describes Hammock Time as "a seasonal English-style summer ale that has a slight fruity flavor with low hop bitterness and aroma". Collins says that this craft beer is best when lying in your hammock after mowing the lawn.

    Callie Varra
  • Hula Hoppie

    Palisade Brewing Company

    Head brewer, Danny Wilson, from the Palisade Brewing Company, calls the Hula Hoppie Session IPA the "river beer". This beer was intentionally placed in cans for the purpose of enjoying a light, refreshing beer while floating down the Colorado River. The Hula Hoppie is brewed using Colorado grown hops that are used to create a less intimidating session with a flavor profile of tangerine and lemon zest.

    Callie Varra
  • Platinum Blonde

    Rockslide Restaurant and Brewery

    While sitting on the porch on a 90 degree day, Rockslide Brewer Zorba Proteau would prefer to drink the Platinum Blonde. This light summer beer is created using a unique technique called "hop bursting" which maximizes the flavor of the hops and minimizes the bitterness of the beer.

    Callie Varra
  • South of the Border

    Suds Bros. Brewery

    Nate Sitterud, a brewer since 1997, names South of the Border his favorite summertime beer. SOB is a Mexican lager with a light, crisp, and clean composition. Although Grand Junction is far from beaches, SOB simulates a relaxing day at the beach. There is no better way to enjoy a SOB than with sunshine and lime.

    Callie Varra