Social distancing, masks, not being able to do things, excessive sanitizing, the fear of getting sick and always talking about our 'vaccine journey' — we're really, really done with most things the COVID-19 pandemic has made the 'norm' for us. But, booze to-go? We're alright with that, and it's here to stay in Colorado — for at least the next five years.  

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On April 28, 2021, The State of Colorado extended HOUSE BILL 21-1027, which permits 'certain license holders, who normally offer alcohol beverages for consumption on the licensed premises, to offer takeout and delivery of alcohol beverages.' Fancy talk for curbside margs are OK.

On page three, you can see that the bill was set to repeal on July 1, 2021, but that has been revised to July 1, 2026. Permission from The State to take alcohol to-go from bars, restaurants, breweries and more went into effect in the spring of 2020, so that those businesses could continue to operate while closed to in-person service.

According to 9NEWS, Colorado House of Representatives unanimously passed the extension of the bill, also reporting that Colorado was one of over 30 states that allowed to-go alcohol sales during the pandemic, which has helped 87 percent of Colorado restaurants make revenue while operating under limited capacities. Read more here.

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