Palisade peach production packs a powerful punch!
With a $1.4 Million economic impact to the Grand Valley, the peach is much more than a fruit. Starting today and running through the weekend is the 50th annual Palisade Peach Festival. There's reason to celebrate. The fuzzy fruit brings 13,000 to 15,000 visitors annually to Palisade. The peach festival doubles the traffic of September's Winefest. Over 3,400 hotel rooms will be rented this weekend. All filled with peach enthusiast from around the world.
Peach and other fruit production go back to the 1800's. Of course, water from the Colorado River made the process possible. With the construction of the early 1900's water irrigation system, the valley was set up to become one of the premier fruit production locations in North America.
The state values Colorado's peach production at over $20 Million annually. The fruits impact on the local, regional, and state economies is remarkable. The locally grown peaches are a huge part of the culture and fabric of the community. I've only lived here a couple years but I've witnessed it first hand. On my last trip home I made sure I didn't leave town without a box of the world famous Palisade Peaches! Needless to say, my friends and family enjoined every bite!

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