Through the end of the year, the Colorado State Patrol is going to have extra patrols to apprehend intoxicated drivers in Mesa County.

Local and state law enforcement crank up the number DWI checkpoints around the holidays. There are office holiday parties, family in town, and overall alcohol increases dramatically this time of the year. Those that drink too much and get behind the wheel risk their lives and the lives of others. This Saturday evening, December 17th, is the next round of 2016 "The Heat Is On" holiday season checkpoints.

Impaired drivers are the target for the Heat Is On activities. Keeping Colorado highways safe from drunk drivers is always a top priority of the Colorado State Patrol. The CSP is committed to reducing crashes and related injuries and fatalities.

Ray Michaels

Even if you're not involved in a crash, getting arrested and winding up it the facility pictured above is not a good time either. A DWI will cost your thousands in fines and penalties. The only way to guarantee that doesn't happen is to will always choose a designated driver or find an alternative means of transportation. We can help too by keeping an eye on our friends and family who have had too much and find them another way home. Have a happy and SAFE holiday season.

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