A Colorado State Trooper is being recognized by a family who he assisted during a medical emergency - shortly after he had pulled the family over for speeding.

According to the Colorado State Patrol Twitter page (@CSP_News), a letter addressed to CSP Captain Grissom described a coincidental, life-saving event that occurred during the evening of February 26 in La Junta; a woman and her husband were on their way to the emergency room after their son's life-threatening allergies had flared, and their EpiPen (used for the emergency treatment of an acute allergic reaction) was expired.

Between never having activated the EpiPen until that night and being out of town during the time of the incident, the family was on edge - which was apparent as they were allegedly speeding to the emergency room that evening.

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As per the letter, Colorado State Trooper Scott Pointon pulled the family over for speeding. Once aware of the family's situation, Trooper Pointon was able to provide them with assistance to the emergency room. Pointon even called ahead to ensure that the hospital would be ready for the family's arrival.

Although a name is not publicly disclosed on the letter, it is clear that the family involved is extremely thankful for the assistance provided by Trooper Pointon on the evening of Feb. 26.

"It's absolutely terrifying to be in this situation and his composure and quick thinking to make the ER aware of our arrival was welcomed and so greatly appreciated."

As the Colorado State Patrol said - well done, Trooper Pointon.

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