Guys are you a lazy boyfriend? Need a relationship wingman? You are in luck there is an app for that. The BroApp is the answer for the guy who can’t seem to juggle the girlfriend and spending time with his bros.

Before you dismiss this as a joke, the app is real and will cost you about two bucks. BroApp will automatically text message your lady a sweet message when you are away from her and has safeguards to keep you from getting busted.

Now if you are a guy in a “real relationship” I don’t think this is going to work but a player could use this as a good wingman. The fact you can outsource such a simple task will only make us lazier than we already are.

The BroApp is the perfect thing for the guy who can’t keep his girlfriend and Bros time strait. The App seems easy to use which is good because the guy who needs the BroApp also needs something easy to keep the Bros and the ladies strait.