I love a good sandwich. I could eat one every day. After some sampling, asking the locals, and some help from Yelp here are my Top 5 sandwich places in Junction.

I still check with Yelp from time to time when I want to try something new in town. My circle of friends is still pretty small so it's a way to get some direction. I've tried most on this list. Here are Grand Junction's Top 5 Sandwich Spots, you agree?


Ray Michaels

#5  Golosas Mexican Sandwiches – 2958 North Avenue is the one I'm least familiar with. It's on the list because it pops up on Yelp's and I've heard good things about the place. It's on my "to do' list.

Ray Michaels

#4 Which Wich – 240 Patterson Road is the place I'm most familiar with. I've dined there several times and us here at Townsquare do some business with the place. They've supplied lunch for us more than a few times. A solid sandwich for sure!

Ray Michaels

#3 7th Street Deli- 2232 North 7th Street is one of the popular sandwich places in town! I have sampled their fair a couple times and they've always been great! The lines are long for lunch so get there early.

Ray Michaels

#2 Roasted Espresso and Subs – 502 Colorado Avenue is a downtown favorite. I've had their Ruben and a couple quesadillas. Everything is always fresh and delicious, Their patio is large and always filled on sunny days.

Ray Michales

#1 Cafe Sol – 420 Main Street is one I haven't tried but everyone I've asked raves about. The big, bright yellow awning is hard to miss. A great little downtown place I must try.

So, what do you think? Is my list pretty close to yours? Get out and try some of these great Junction sandwich places for yourself. Who's hungry?

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