Yelp is a great place to find reviews which can be educational and also entertaining. These are five of the funniest Yelp reviews of bars in Grand Junction. "Hold onto your britches, you just got a one-way ticket to drunk town," is just one of them. Better be holding those britches.

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    Mystic Biscuit Is a One Way Ticket

    Quincy's Bar & Grill

    This review about Quincy's Bar & Grill is about three pages long with a lot of great quotes to choose from, here's one of the good ones. If you're looking to get your drink on at Quincy's order a  "'mystic biscuit' and hold on to your britches, 'cus you're going on a one-way ride to drunk town."

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    Chicken Tenders Are a Religion

    Charlie Dwellington's

    The chicken tenders at Charlie Dwellington's will give you faith and show you the way to deliciousness. The review states that "I've had them RELIGIOUSLY." Seems like they're truly praiseworthy.

  • 3

    The Famous Sneaky Lenny


    I don't know what Lenny did to be so sneaky or so famous, but it looks like he's in high demand. This Volleys review goes into a rave about the fun atmosphere and food and drinks and then, there's Lenny. "But the best of all is their famous sneaky Lenny drink that is ooh so popular!!"

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    Nectar of the Gods

    Warehouse 25 Sixty Five has something really special about their water based on this review. Their hostess delivered these customers iced water "which IS the nectar of the GODS."

  • 5

    Sex on the Beach Gone Wrong

    Cruisers Bar

    Not everyone can master a Sex on the Beach, the drink, that is. This reviewer is very disappointed, "so disappointed" that his "basic chick drink" didn't turn out right. Hate to break it to you, although delicious, Sex on the Beach is not a necessity.

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