Aspen adds their names to the list of communities canceling fireworks displays.

Even a record-setting, drought-ending, snowpack isn't enough to keep various Colorado city officials from canceling 4th of July fireworks displays. Everyone certainly understood not having the displays last year. The drought and wildfire situation was obvious and intentionally setting sparks was not a good idea. However, now that the drought is all but over, shouldn't the 4th of July displays go on just as they have for decades?

Aspen Chamber Resort Association President Debbie Braun announced this week that the association had decided to not have a traditional fireworks display this year. They play to have a "drone show", whatever that is. The trend of not having 4th of July fireworks continues.

Back in March, the Frisco Town Council voted to cancel their annual fireworks show over Dillon Reservoir. Did you catch that? "...over Dillion Reservoir." That seems pretty safe to me but no. Fireworks are canceled.

Breckenridge was one the first to cancel its fireworks show, making the announcement back in January.

How many more shows will be canceled in the weeks and months to come? It seems early in the season to make the call anyway. Why not wait and see how much precipitation we get this spring and summer before canceling the show? Or is this about something else? Is the traditional 4th of July celebration not cool anymore? When Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo got the news about Aspen canceling the show, his response was that it was “great” news. "It’s poor optics to light off fireworks,” he continued. It that what this is about?

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