While I haven't been to Durango very often when I have visited I have always enjoyed myself, and this past weekend there was a rally and march going on that was probably noticed by most people driving in the downtown area. As the Durango Herald is reporting that over 120 people gathered to protest violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders this past Sunday.

The large group first gathered at Buckley Park in Durango for the Rally & March for Asian Solidarity and Racial Justice where the march began going down Main Avenue and returning to Buckley Park. Then a variety of speeches were given with one person specifically pointing out that in 2020 in the United States there was a 120% increase in crimes against Asian Americans.

As the crowd marched they shouted, "Silence is violence."

After Eight Asian Americans Were Shot In Atlanta There Have Been More Rallies and Marches Speaking Out About Violence Toward Asian Americans

This is one of the first that I have heard of in Western Colorado but there have been more and more of these rallies taking place across the country. This is something that all people should support. No one should be targeted for any violence due to their race.

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