An 8-year-old kid in Grand Junction heroically saved another kid from drowning at Snooks Bottom. Here's how Stanley Blakslee, who's a third-grader at Clifton Elementary, saved another kid from drowning.

This past weekend in Fruita, Stanley Blakslee saw another, younger kid struggling to swim and immediately swam into action. The little boy fell off of a floating log when it tipped over at Snooks Bottom and starting sinking, according to 8-year-old Stanley.

Stanley jumped into the water to save the boy and brought him to the shore. According to KJCT, Stanley said:

I saved someone's life but it was also really hard to do.

He also said that it was really hard to keep his head and the other kid's head above water while swimming to safety. Stanley's mom said when she heard her son yell for help, all she saw was his head bobbing up and down and out of the water.

According to KJCT, the little boy was clinging to Stanley for his life. Stanley said the kid's dad even came over to him and thanked him. Stanley seems like a good kid, who just knew that this was the right thing to do.

There are no lifeguards at Snooks Bottom and there's even a sign that says that Snooks Bottom isn't 'intended/designed for swimming.' Parents, please make sure to keep an eye out for your kids (and other kids) and keep them safe.

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