The commercial jingle has been part of the American fabric since the 1920’s; it’s a catchy little tune about the advertising business that sticks in your head. Once the jingle was a labor of love and art, now its big business. A jingle creator can make as much as $180,000 for a single song, or more than $500,000 if the tune is a hit and gets repeat licensing. Here are five of the top commercial jingles of all-time.


See The USA in your Chevrolet was the jingle that launched not only Chevrolet but the American camping tradition. Chevrolet hired entertainerDinahShoreand the star began and ended her program with the ditty in the 1950’s, it was an instant hit. The catchy tune, along with scenic scenes ofAmerica, made people pack up their Chevy’s and explore this great country. The American camping family vacation was born.


I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener, as the winner of a 1962 advertising contest this number is still used today. A decade later they would have another jingle hit with the “Bologna Song”. Which I didn’t care about because I hateBologna. It’s not that I hate the meat but when I was a kid there was a lot of it. Besides, who doesn’t want to be an Oscar Mayer wiener, they seem to be the most popular wiener.


When you say Bud, this little ditty was the creation of jingle king Steve Karmen, who wrote the “I LoveNew York” jingle of the 1970’s. Budweiser used this jingle for years and other than a little tweak in the 1980’s serviced Budweiser for two decades. I think I have heard this about a million times, the song was everywhere when I was growing up.


I’d like to teach the world to sing, Coca-Cola spent an eye popping $250,000 shooting this ad outsideRomein 1971, for its time the largest budget ever for a television commercial. Known as Coca-Cola's “Hilltop Ad” this iconic jungle sold a lot of Coke and had such a lasting connection with the viewing public a copy no rest in the Library of Congress., this may not be a true jingle but the funny commercials, clever lyrics and scenarios where members of a band sing about how their credit scores have been ruined is hilarious. They have toughed on just about every style of music and even rock n’ roll legend Mick Jagger said on Saturday Night Live that the band were his favorite musicians.

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