Free Birthday Beer
Tomorrow, August 1 is a special day. The great state of Colorado will be celebrating 141 years of statehood. The fine folks at Anheuser-Busch are celebrating with a free beer!
Fishermen Reel in 60-Year-Old Budweiser Six Pack
A couple of friends were out fishing on the river last week when one of their lines got snagged on something on the bottom of the river. Expecting there to be a stick or a random piece of garbage on the end, they were surprised to see that they had instead reeled in a six pack of Budweiser.
5 of the Top Commercial Jingles of All-Time
The commercial jingle has been part of the American fabric since the 1920’s; it’s a catchy little tune about the advertising business that sticks in your head. Once the jingle was a labor of love and art, now its big business. A jingle creator can make as much as $180,000 for a single song, or more …
Drunken Buddies
Making "friends" at a bar is pretty easy after pounding back a few cold ones, Budweiser wants to take that a step farther with their new Buddy Cup. Just a quick "cheers" and you're instantly Facebook friends. How could this not be a good idea?
Budweiser Black Crown — Not Your Trashy Uncle’s Beer
Since the Belgians took over Anheuser-Busch four years ago, the brewer has been searching for new ways to cut costs while their mad scientists relentlessly work to develop new product lines -- including Bud Light Platinum and Bud Light Lime -- in an attempt to attract the more discriminating beer co…

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