Anybody know the Mayor? It's probably too late to get Jesse the keys to the city or proclaim Wednesday, April 12th "Jesse James Dupree Day" but someone should.

Jesse lives every day like it's his last. It's hard not to have fun when he and the boys hit town. The afternoon will be filled with a bottle signing, motorcycle ride, and a concert that night. Can you recall the last time a guy rolled into town and pulled that off? That's the plan for tomorrow. I better get to bed early. Tomorrow's a full day.

Ray Michaels

In 2010, Dupree created and launched "Jesse James Spirits", a line of adult beverages that includes the "Jesse James America's Outlaw" brand of bourbon whiskey. He'll be autographing bottles starting at 5:30 tomorrow at Fisher's Liquor Barn.

It's a bit on the DL but if you hear the rumble of Harley's rolling through your neighborhood tomorrow afternoon, don't be alarmed. It's just Jesse and some fortunate Harley Davidson owners out taking in the sights.

Ray Michaels

That evening it's the show at The Mesa Theater. There's nothing quite like a Jackyl live performance. It's like a shot of whiskey and a two by four to the head. How many bands have chainsaws and shotguns as part of their show? The answer is one...Jackyl.

So if you're up for it. Got the swagger to hang with one of the best, tomorrow is your day. Help us celebrate "Jesse James Dupree Day" in Grand Junction. The town may never be the same.

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