The first community on the Western Slope to enact ordinances related to Colorado's Amendment 64 is Fruita, Colorado. Last night on Tuesday January 15, 2013 the Fruita City Council took immediate and 'emergency' action pushing through a moratorium.

Recently several private 'members only' cannabis clubs for adults have popped up in Colorado and Fruita has made it clear they don't want them coming to their town.

In a unanimous decision the Fruita City Council enacted an immediate, but temporary moratorium on private cannabis clubs in the city. Governor Hickenlooper has a task force currently working on recommendations for how the state should craft laws and regulations regarding Amendment 64.

Some communities, like Fruita, aren't waiting on the state and enacting ordinances locally with others see what is going to happen at a state level. In a unanimous vote the Fruita City Council approved the temporary moratorium in an effort to protect private property rights.

The city council declared the action an 'emergency' so the moratorium would become effective immediately. Despite their declaration, the moratorium is only legally valid and enforceable for 61 days. The Fruita City Council is expected to take up the issue again at their February 19, 2013 meeting.

Amendment 64 makes it possible for local government to enact their own bans and regulations regarding the legal recreational use of marijuana by adults in Colorado. Many Colorado communities decided to enact their own rules and bans concerning medical marijuana retail sales at wellness centers.

Per the wording of Amendment 64 those questions can not hit ballots or the voters until November 2014. Fruita residents voted to ban wellness centers in April 2012.