Colorado's Amendment 64 has been part of the state constitution for less than a month, and the entrepreneurial spirit of some has already come out. On Monday January 2, 2013 one of the first marijuana social club opened the doors at 4:20pm.

Kael Alford, Getty Images

The new club is basically like a bar or nightclub, without an actual location. Club 64 already had 200 members paying $29.99 to relax at the 'bring your own bud' establishment. The brains behind Club 64, Chloe Villano said, "Look at this! We were so scared because we didn't want it to be crazy. But this is crazy! People want this."

Club 64 wasn't the first legal club for recreational marijuana users, according to The Devenr Post it was the second, with the first opening earlier Monday in Del Norte, Colorado. Rob Corry, an attorney who is an expert in Colorado cannabis law, says the indoor smoking is legal because it is not in public view and the clubs sell no marijuana, food or drinks. They do give away sodas as well as Cheetos and Goldfish crackers.

Club 64 has no actual location and the 'membership fee' is only good once according to the owner, adding they will meet monthly. Rob Corry said, "It's just a place for adults to exercise their constitutional rights together. We're not selling pot here."