If you have a special someone, Valentine's Day is great. You get gifts and more than likely you are also guaranteed to score! But there isn't a single, single person who I have ever met that likes Valentine's Day. But thanks to a strip joint in Denver, that all might be changing! 

I would assume that strip clubs are already the place to be for single men on Valentine's Day, so I am not sure why you need to do any promotion to get people in the doors, but then again I am no marketing expert.

The marketing experts at Shotgun Willies in Denver have come up with a "big" idea on how to get more lonelys in the door on V-Day... A good old fashioned "Large Lady Twerk Off!"

And there is more good news! The club is still looking for big girls to come shake their asses, and they could win $300. Now if you aren't a big girl, you can still be a part of the event, as they are looking for judges. Of course you can always just go watch if you're so inclined.

Oh, and you lucky taken folks, don't freak out if you hear the Earth shakin' a bit on February 14th, it's just single people having their fun too!