Sunday night the Buffalo Sabers and Toronto Maple Leafs met for a pre-season game in Toronto. With about 10 minutes left in the game Sabers tough guy John Scott was looking for a fight and took a shot at the Maple Leafs star Phil Kessel. Toronto wasn’t happy about that and the brawl was on.

Several Maple Leafs came to aid of Kessel and both sides paired off in the scrum. It was such a big fight that both goalies got into it. You just don’t see that much in the NHL any more.
Kessel was issued a match penalty for swinging his stick, which means an automatic suspension pending a ruling from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.
Any discipline the Leafs sniper faces likely will pale in comparison to what teammate David Clarkson may be expecting as he jumped off the bench to join the fracas.
That is a huge no-no in the NHL and he could get a multi game suspension to start the season.
I don’t about you but I’m ready for the season to start. The NHL will drop the puck on October 1st to start the season.