At the Toronto Maple Leafs practice, the bad feelings boiled over as a couple of players got into a fight. The Maple Leafs have been out of the playoffs for some time now and I think some of the guys have a bit of a grudge.

Like any sport when the season starts the goal is to make the playoffs and challenge for the championship. The Maple Leafs got off to a good start then everything went to hell and their season came to an end.

Phil Kessel and David Booth were the players involved in the altercation which was broke up pretty quick. Kessel is one of the stars of the team and this year he hasn't put up the numbers.

I expect him to be traded in the off-season as Toronto will be in full rebuild mode. The big problem is his big contract. I'm not sure which team will step up to make a deal I just hope Colorado and St. Louis stay away from this deal.