I love the 4th of July weekend. It's a great excuse to fire up the BBQ and cook every meat imaginable. Things tend to blow up in the sky really loud, too. Plus, it gives me an excuse to load my phone up with tunes that make me feel like an American, or, it could just be me loading my phone up with really loud songs so I can irritate the crap out of all the people near me on North Avenue.

I will be the first to admit that Rob Zombie's "Demon Speeding" is a peculiar choice for a 4th of July playlist. For me, it's one of the premier driving tunes so it's gotta be there.

"Killpop" is there because I like the new Slipknot. Sue me. The rest either have to do with destroying things or has America in the title, or both.

If you're near me on the streets of Grand Junction, Fruita, Delta or wherever my family decides to travel to this weekend, I'll just apologize right now for what you'll hear me blasting out of the Holliday family truckster windows.