Kudos to you, Grand Junction! You came out in unbelievable numbers to vote for the Western Colorado's most "huggable" bass player. You've spoken, the votes have been tallied, and it's time to crown our champion.

Wednesday, October 12, was "National Hug a Bassist Day." Seriously, every year on this date, people share snuggles with bass players. This is only fair. Bass players are the members of the band or orchestra who rarely see any love. They hang out in the back of the group and work themselves to death, only to be taken for granted. When October 12 rolls around, this all changes.

First things first - is "huggable" really a word? Your spell checker will tell you no. Dictionary.com, however, says otherwise.

Huggable -

  • huhg--uh-buh-l
  • adjective
  • Evoking a desire to hug close. Cuddly.

This year we took it to the polls. We asked you to vote for Western Colorado's "Most Huggable Bass Player." The attendance at the polls was earth shattering. Thousands of people voted in our survey, choosing from a pool of 32 local bass players.  Like any election, though, when it is all said and done, there can be only one (a Queen reference our winner might enjoy.)

For your viewing pleasure, we proudly present the result from this year's survey.


Congratulations to Dio Musquiz, Western Colorado's most huggable bass player. Dio emerged the winner from a field of top-notch players, all very huggable in their own right.

The next time you see Dio, give him a big hug. He most certainly deserves it. Should you be out and about listening to live music, be sure to give the bass player some kudos. Chances are they have them coming.