When the Denver Broncos take the field Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars they will be favored by 28 points, which is a record for a National Football League game. I know the Broncos have broke 50 points in each of their last two games but this point spread might be a little high.

Through the first five games the Broncos have scored 230 points, the most in the history of the league, one would think the Broncos would score 60 against the Jaguars. I don’t think that will happen for two reasons.

First, I think the Broncos will run the ball on Jacksonville. The Jaguars have a poor run defense and haven’t been able to stop anyone this year so I think Denver will work on their running game. Besides Manning won’t need to throw the ball 60 times in this game.

Second, I don’t think the starters will finish this game. If the Broncos are up by 24 in the third quarter they will start pulling starters out of the game. The first guy out will be Manning. There is no reason to get anyone hurt in a game like this.

There is no question that Denver should win this game but I think it is more important to come out of the game healthy. There will be 10 games after this weekend including New England, Indianapolis, Houston and two against Kansas City and San Diego. The Broncos will need Manning for those games.