We are just two weeks into 2013 with plenty of new releases set to come out in the coming year. This week's Sweet Releases include Taken 2 on DVD and Blu-ray plus new rock from Antimatter.

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    The U.K. band Antimatter is out today with their fifth album Fear Of A Unique Identity. The band began in 1997 with Mick Moss and Duncan Patterson. They released the first three albums together. The last two albums and the 10 year retrospective release Alternative Matter.

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    Taken 2

    The movie Taken 2 is out on DVD and Blu-ray today with Liam Neeson. A followup to Taken Liam Neeson is back as his family is tested when some villans get mixed up during a trip in Istanbul. The directing and production is different than the first film giving the whole film a different feel, but packed with action.

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    The Possession

    The Possession is a horror film about a box that a spirit lives inside. A young girl buys the box at a yard sale, not knowing what it really holds.