It's finally a new year and with that comes brand new music and movie releases to look forward to. To kick off 2012 you'll find Archer out on DVD and new rock from Dropkick Murphy's and more!

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    Black Veil Brides

    The Black Veil Brides release Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones today with several versions to chose from. These rockers from Hollywood release their third album today, a rock opera concept. The WWE has featured "In The End" as a theme song for Hell in a Cell.

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    Dropkick Murphy's

    One of my favorite bands the Dropkick Murphy's are out with Signed and Sealed in Blood. It's the eighth studio release from the Boston punk rockers. The band dared fans back in 2012 to tattoo the logo of the new record to use as images for packaging.

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    Hollywood Undead

    Hollywood Undead is kicking the new year in the teeth with Notes from the Underground. The album was originally due to be released in the summer of 2012, but was pushed to right after the new year. The rap rockers say their third studio album reminds them of their roots. Like in the past they have also upgraded their masks with the new album release.

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    Judge Dredd 3D

    The Judges are back to put order in America in Judge Dredd 3D. With Karl Urban as Dredd, the ultimate Judge, tasked to take down a drug pusher in the city.

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    House at the End of the Street - Unrated

    House at the End of the Street is out with a twist that wasn't shown on the big screen. A newly divorced woman and her teenage daughter move to a neighborhood for a fresh start. Until they find out what happened next door.

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    Hit and Run

    Hit and Run is a comedy romance from the producer of Wedding Crashers. About a guy who will do anything for his lady, including skipping out on witness protection to take her to Los Angeles.

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    Nicholas Cage seems like he's always playing a thief of some sort. In Stolen he plays a thief who gets out of prison. His plans are screwed up when a former partner takes his daughter hostage, for the $10 million he has hidden away.

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    Girls, Guns and Gambling

    Somehow Dane Cook got another movie role, this time with Christian Slater and Gary Oldman in Girls, Guns and Gambling. Thieves steal a priceless war mask from an Indian casino, and everyone wants to find it.

  • 9

    Archer - Season 3

    Master spy Archer and the ISIS team ara back on your screen with all of season 3. Archer has to worry about his mother's affairs, Bionic Barry's KGB takeover and Archer's dead cyborg fiancee.