If you've ever driven down I-70 near Idaho Springs, you may have noticed a pretty big change a handful of years ago and wondered, what is all that? Well, it's likely that you were momentarily distracted by a unique zip line course. Keep scrolling to learn all about it.

Zip Lining Next to a Major Colorado Highway

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The aforementioned structures that have likely caught longtime Coloradans off guard are part of the Colorado Adventure Center. The attraction is located at 2697 Stanley Road in Idaho Springs and is most well-known for offering world-class rafting on the Colorado River.

However, another reason to check out the attraction is its unique zip line course which, if you're familiar with the area, you already know that it's practically right next to Colorado's often-times busy Interstate 70.

Colorado Adventure Center offers zip lining on its Clear Creek 8-line zip line for $89 per person, as well as the Happy Hour 5-line zip line for $79 per person.

Regardless of which you choose, the adrenaline junkie in you will undoubtedly have a fun time zip-lining over the Colorado River, through massive evergreen trees, all while looking around at spectacular examples of Colorado's natural beauty. Oh and let's not forget, you've also got great views of a major Colorado interstate highway.

While the traffic on I-70 is clocking in at 65 miles per hour, you're coming fairly close to keeping up as some of the zip lines reach up to 40 miles per hour.

Take a look at what it's like to zip line high above the Colorado River, right next to a major interstate highway:

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