A Grand Junctionite is traveling over the mountain this weekend to make his first attempt at Colorado's Craziest Hike. Will he blow chunks? Vote below.

Grand Junction's Zane Mathews will make the daring attempt to conquer Manitou Incline. If you're into gambling, or if you've become a user of these new sports betting apps, you may want to lay some money down on this one.

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Who is Zane Mathews?

Zane has been an on-air talent in Grand Junction for the better part of 20 years. He's no stranger to mountains, altitude, or even strenuous exercise. He's an active 5K runner and has been known to take on even longer marathons.

Maiden Voyage

Zane has lived in Colorado for some time. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure he was born in northeastern Colorado. To date, though, he has never made an attempt at Manitou Incline.

What is Manitou Incline?

For many, Manitou Incline is the very definition of misery. They call it Colorado's Craziest Hike for a reason. Some call it Colorado's "Holy Grail." Put simply, Manitou Incline increases by 2,000 in elevation over a distance of less than a mile.

According to visitcos.com, The trail is rated as difficult and recommended for physically active people and advanced hikers only. Almost every step you take involves a railroad tie. At steeper points on the hike, steps might be more than one railroad tie in height.

What's the Challenge?

Zane's in excellent shape, having trained extensively in endurance sports. That will certainly serve him well during his attempt. Even with that, though, the Incline presents other challenges. Since every step is in fact a "step," the climb can be a real thigh burner. I don't know that Zane has much in the way of experience with climbs.

Determining the Odds

I'm not much of a gambler, so no empirical research has been done to determine the odds of success. He will either honk or he won't.

Cast Your Vote

This is all in fun and is being done with Zane's knowledge and consent. There is no money on the line, and no prizes to be won. If I know Zane, he's going to try and conquer the incline with a little pizzazz. Unless you're an Olympic athlete, you can't take the Incline fast. One must pace themselves. My wager is Zane will attempt to climb too rapidly, and as a consequence, end up yodeling groceries.

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