Smoke weed and own a gun? The Feds say you can't.

Federal law says marijuana users can't own a gun or even ammunition. Since Colorado legalized the sale and possession of recreational marijuana in 2013 there's been a disconnect between the state law and federal law enforcement. It didn't seem like that big a big deal until President Trump and his attorney general recently decided to crack down on marijuana.

So where does that leave gun owners in Colorado? Well, there's nothing in the state law that says it's unlawful to be in possession of a legal amount of weed and have a gun. If you're packing a gun on your hip and joint in your pocket, that's not a problem. Colorado is an open-carry state. However, when it comes to concealed-carry permits if you answer "yes" to the county sheriffs’ question "Are you a marijuana user? You will not be issued a permit.

Only time will tell how things play out. According to the feds, you can have a cabinet full of booze and own a gun. Have weed and gun, you're breaking the law. Go figure.

Credit: Fox21   

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