In your lifetime, you will never get closer to a Yellowstone wolf pack than a trail cam did recently. It quite literally got cleaned up thanks to a gray wolf who decided to give it a licking.

This video shared on Facebook this past week shows a wolf pack passing by with one gray wolf taking a particular interest in the trail camera.

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The group that shared the video on Facebook is obviously on the side of those who believe the wolf introduction back into the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem over 25 years ago was a good thing. Not everyone sees it that way especially ranchers near to the park who have had cattle affected by the hunting packs that roam outside of the confines of Yellowstone.

No mention is made of which Yellowstone National Park wolf pack was seen on the trail cam. The most likely would be Junction Butte or Wapiti as they are the two most common and prominent wolf packs in the park.

No matter what your opinion is on the wolf issue, there's no denying they are beautiful animals that are interesting to see when they're living in their element.

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