The big question of the day is this would you want to win $450 million Powerball jackpot? Wednesday night the third largest Powerball Jackpot will be up for grabs and it's a whopping $450 million.

I'm sure your first response is, "hell yeah I want to win it," but think about that for a moment.

If you take the cash payout that comes to roughly $327 million and after the Feds and the State get their cut you should walk away with at least $150 million. While that sounds great it could be a real pain in the ass.

There is a ton of news stories with lottery winners who went broke after the big score. People who just didn't know how to deal with all that money. I know that $150 million sounds like a ton of cash, but people have lost more.

Winning that kind of money can be a real headache.

First you have to keep an eye on it because who can you trust? Every person with some crazy idea will want you to invest. That is how most winners lose their money.

Then you have all of the family and friends coming out of the woodwork looking for a cut. Now while I don't think helping them out is a bad thing it can become a nightmare. Just think about how many families you have seen fight over the littlest things when money is involved.

Of course, you have your own spending habits to deal with. Some people win big money and buy too many cars and some big house they can't really take care of.

The super-rich can buy that crazy stuff because they have a steady stream of money coming in. If you win the lotto it's just a one-shot deal and when the is gone it is gone.

So, would you want to win $450 million? Hell Yeah, I want to win because I'm smarter than that and it will never happen to me, Right?