Steelfest Open Air took hold of Helsinki, Finland last weekend, with Marduk and Carpathian Forest amongst the top billed acts. However, a performance by Finnish black metal band Azazel accidentally stole the show as the band drunkenly stumbled through a disastrous set.

A fan-shot clip of Azazel perfectly shows the hilarity of the day. Right away, you can see the band’s guitarist is so wasted he’s unable to stand, let alone play guitar. Azazel’s vocalist is quite the character himself, with the dude’s beer belly busting out of his black tights as he double fists alcohol onstage.

The first big laugh comes at the one-minute mark, where a powerful chant falls slightly short. Even with two vocalists, Azazel can’t seem to sing in tune. You’ve got to give the drummer a little credit, though, the guy is hustling his ass off. Skip to 5:30 and you’ll see the booze really take hold. It’s like you can actually see the band physically start to deflate.

At about eight minutes in, the guitarist tries to come say hi to the audience. He somehow made it halfway down the stage without killing himself, but ultimately lost his balance, slamming himself back-first into the diagonal legs of the barricade. Still, that didn’t stop him from raising his arms to the sky in victory.

Even after Azazel stopped playing, the vocalist refused to leave the stage. Instead, he just sat at the edge of the stage and kept drinking while an audience member screamed, “Nice tits!”

Check out this must-see performance for yourselves in the clip above!

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