The art of seduction is just that -- an art. Sadly, not all men have mastered it and these poor women have the literary no-nos to prove it.

Glamour asked women to stage dramatic readings of the most ridiculous messages they've gotten from men on, OK Cupid and Tinder.

These are all real and they're just as bad as anything you can -- or cannot -- possibly imagine. Charles Manson, incarcerated and nursing a case of gonorrhea, could probably make a better impression than these Cyrano-needed maestros.

Because men can sometimes be so pathetic it's hard to believe they'll ever find companionship, Glamour had to break all the lines down into four videos. Four! That just goes to prove we can't all be Channing Tatum and merely win over a woman by walking into a room and breathing. Some of us have to try and the effort of the men behind these awful pickup lines shows ghost writers for social media should totally be a career.

Take a look at the final three videos in the series and hold back the wincing as much as  you can.

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