Many of Colorado's ski resorts have traditions to wrap up the season as the weather warms up. For example, Vail hosts Spring Back to Vail each year around closing day, featuring free concerts and a lot of fun.

However, Winter Park, Colorado also has a celebration around closing day that has taken place for many years that's a bit wackier.

Keep scrolling to learn about, and see what it was like at Winter Park's Spring Splash back in 1976.

Spring Splash in Winter Park Colorado

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This past Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 was the last day of the ski season at Winter Park. And, like every year, the ski resort's annual Spring Splash took place.

The Spring Splash has one particular thing about it that sets it apart from other closing-day celebrations, and that's an activity known as pond skimming.

In case you're not familiar, pond skimming involves a skier heading down the mountain at top speed, hitting a pretty sizeable jump, and landing in a pool of water.

The celebratory attraction has been going on for many years, and fortunately, some very old footage of Winter Park's Spring Splash from 1976 has survived all this time.

In the footage, you'll see the brave skiers jump into the pond at full speed, as well as a large crowd of spectators, each one with a smile on their face.

Attendees at the 1976 Spring Splash are also seen wearing funny costumes, masks, glasses, and other wacky attire.

Take a trip back in time and check out what it was like to attend Winter Park's Spring Splash back in 1976:

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