Dispensaries may soon include rooms to sample product on the spot.

Tasting rooms are kind of a big deal around here. It's hard to imagine Palisade without them. Just as tasting is part of the winery or brewery experience, you may soon be able to sample cannabis in a tasting-room atmosphere too. If the Governor signs HB 1258 dispensaries can file for these new permits as soon as August. The bill was recently approved by the Colorado General Assembly.

For a Colorado dispensary to add the room it would require approval from both the state and local governments. Customers can only sample what they purchased during their visit. No twisting up a joint, only vaporize cannabis, concentrates, or eatables will be allowed.

Will testing rooms be added to the shops in Palisade, DeBeque, and Montrose? Only time will tell. What's certain is that the Colorado cannabis experience is continuing to evolve and grow. Will Grand Junction ever evolve and grow with the rest of the western slope?

Credit: Westworld 

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