Until today, the only time we'd ever heard about chastity belts being used was when they were worn by like, maidens in medieval movies. This contraption however, is alarmingly modern. The most nerve-wracking part? It's not for the maidens.

Like most other things we wish we didn't know, we found it on Reddit. What started out as a joke between husband and wife over a fake chastity belt quickly became an escalating series ante-ups. The result? Dude posted a picture on a lock-picking subreddit, pleading for tips on removing the death jaws from his junk, after hours of wearing it. Some theorize that the public humiliation on Reddit is all just a part of this particular sub/dom relationship, but either way, we've learned enough about these tools to know that you are not supposed to wear them for hours. Not cool, dominatrix-wife.

We could have gone the rest of our lives without knowing about this particular fetish. Not that we're closed-minded; we just faint easily, and there's something truly cringe-worthy about a tool that encases our manhood in steel. Especially when someone else has the key. Sure, there's a pee-hole, but what if we get an itch? Or heaven forbid, an erection? There is no room to allow for that sort of growth inside of that tiny coil of despair. Deal-breaker.