In 2005 the National Football League started playing a regular season game inEurope. This year the NFL will play two games at Wembley Stadium. My question is why is the NFL playing games inEurope?

The NFL tried to get a foot hold inEuropein 1991 with the World League of American Football. That league would change names twice and end in 2007 as NFL Europa. None of those teams made any money.


It can’t be attendance; those teams inEuropedrew only about 25,000 people per game. They played in stadiums where soccer teams get 90,000 on a Wednesday. So, the NFL wasn’t making any money there.


The regular season games played at Wembley Stadium has drawn over 80,000 per game. That’s cool but that is inLondonand they have over 15 million people in theLondonarea. It’s not that hard to hit that number when you have such a large population.


So why are we playing football inEurope?


It must be apparel or the NFL thinks they can put a team inLondon.


If you are a fan of Adrian Peterson you will spend a couple of bucks to see him play. I bet you show up in a Peterson jersey when you do.


Watch this Sunday’s game and you will see a ton ofPittsburgandMinnesotajersey’s in the stands. I don’t think that is paying the bill to have two NFL teams play inLondon.


So I guess the league thinks they can put a team inLondon. That means eight times a season a team from the states would travel toLondon. I don’t think many owners want to eat that bill.


So why are we playing football inEurope? I’m not sure but I do know that someone is making money on the deal. Why else would they do it?

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