We're about a month out from rafting season.

With the weather getting warmer, I'm thinking water! I've rafted through Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River. This year I plan to get in at least a couple rafting trips. Ever since I moved out here I wanted to get more rafting in. I'm good either way. It can be a relaxing float on a nice long slow stretch of river or something more adventurous. Both appeal to me depending on the mode of the weekend.

According to AVA " Colorado’s premier adventure guide specializing in creating unforgettable outdoor experiences," the season gets underway in May and continues through September.

Arkansas River-May through September

Clear Creek- May through September

Colorado River-May through September

Blue River- June

Dolores River- May through June

The early season is the most adventurous. It's that spring runoff that raises water levels and makes for more fun. If you're about a relaxing outing, then later in summer may be more your style. Like I said, I'm good either way and ready to get more rating in this summer! Who's ready?

Credit: AVA

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