It's the first sign of it's kind I've seen before.  Being in radio you move quite a bit from one job to another. I've lived in larger markets, and smaller, but I'm quite sure I've never seen a sign like the "Giving Spare Change Won't Make a Change..." I spotted downtown on the corner at Whitman Park.

My first question is "Who put up the thing in the first place?" The City of Grand Junction, United Way, Mesa County, and other logos are listed along the bottom. I take it's a collaborated effort to control panhandling by discouraging drivers from handing over their spare change. Do we really think a sign is going to make any difference? As long there are persons in need, there's going to be panhandling. 


Sure, there's some scam artists out there. I understand you can do pretty well standing out there all day, but for the most part, these are legit persons in need and it's difficult to turn a blind eye.

I'm not suggesting I have a solution to the problem either.  I just don't think that posting one sign, two, or twenty signs, is going to make a difference. The problem is massive and will require efforts at the state, regional, and local level to solve. The financial cost is great as well and I'm not sure taxpayers are prepared to spend more money to try and fix the situation.

As a new guy to town, all I can say is that I see the need, and I see the sign, and I'm certain that more has to be done. Let's all try and work together to tackle the problem in hopes of making Grand Junction a better place. It's special for sure. One of most beautiful places I've lived and I'm certain we all want to keep it that way.

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