When we celebrate America, we go hard. Here are a few things NOT to do this 4th of July.


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    Don't Drink and Drive

    Drink one for freedom, but don't drive. In 2016, 288 drivers under the influence were arrested. Don't be one of them. That's why we have things like friends, family, Uber and taxis.

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    Don't Get Burned By Fireworks

    Don't point fireworks at people and remember to let them go when you light them. Also, don't let your kids use fireworks without supervision.Obey local laws and keep a hose and bucket of water close by - can't be TOO safe.

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    Your Pet Is Not Your Drinking Buddy

    Alcohol is not meant for your dog or your cat. Not because they don't want to hang out with you, but because it's poisonous to them. America is your drinking buddy today. Watch out for things like dough too.